Proof of Insurance Document Holders

Independent insurance companies give their customers a “Proof of Insurance” document holder (or registration holder / vehicle insurance card holder). This is helpful, so they have their insurance information handy if they are stopped by the police or if they are involved in a car accident.

This holder should have two pockets: One for the actual proof of insurance or insurance policy copy, and the second pocket to hold their business card.

RABCO Products has created proof of insurance document holders and insurance policy document holders for years. We offer 16 different colors, so you are sure to match this to your company’s logo colors!

You can choose from our two most popular holders or create a customized holder that suits your needs.

There are three things to think about when purchasing a promotional item for your insurance company:

  1. A plain holder comes with two pockets (one for your document and one for your business card)
    It will not have any custom imprinting or logos on it.
  2. Insurance policy document holder imprinted with text only.
    This one will have 3 lines of text printed on it.
    Company name and contact information is customary
  3.  Insurance policy document holder with text and logo on the product
    This option allows you to add your company logo along with your company contact information
    An optional “In case of Accident” checklist is customary to have printed for your customer’s convenience (See example below)


1. Get name, phone number and address of all drivers, passengers and witnesses
2. Get other drivers’ insurance information – Company name, policy number, address and phone number
3. Write down license plate numbers of all vehicles involved.
4. Call police to report accident
5. Call insurance company to report claim

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