What are Job Ticket Holders used for?

Job ticket holders are heavy duty / durable / strong vinyl envelopes that are generally not sold in large big box office supply stores. 

Some common sizes will hold 8 ½” x 11” documents, but the 9” x 12” job ticket holder is more common. The larger size makes it easier to add or remove documents from the holder. Some Job Ticket holders have an optional color tab at the top strip of the envelope. This color strip allows the jobs to be used for the shop’s internal color-coding process. Other job ticket holders can have the entire front and back be a specific color or just the front OR back to be a certain color.

Job Ticket Holders – Clear Tag Holders – Vinyl Envelopes

Some alternate names for Job Ticket Holders include:

  • Document Envelope
  • Promotional Envelope
  • Job Envelopes
  • Job Jackets
  • Company Envelopes
  • Commercial Envelopes
  • See through envelopes
  • Clear Envelopes
  • Vinyl Sleeves
  • Card Envelopes
  • Plastic Sleeve
  • Vinyl Pouch and more!

Who uses Job Ticket Holders?

Job ticket holders are commonly used in auto repair facilities / auto service centers / small engine repair shops and the list goes on. Some users call them Shop Ticket Holders, job ticket envelopes, Vinyl Envelopes and some call them sheet protectors. Generally, Sheet Protector is a term used for 3 ring binder page protectors.

The shop will place all their documents for a specific job they are working on into the holder. Here’s an example: If their customer needs to have an oil change and tire rotation, the service documents will be placed into the Job Ticket Holder and given to the service repairman. The service repair man may not even need to remove the documents, because the Job Ticket holder is clear and can be seen through quite easily. After the work is complete- the service repairman may remove the document and add his repair comments and give it back to the service desk. Color coding of the job ticket holder is quite common for these situations as well in order to keep track of the job priority or any other situations that require them to have a color-coded Job ticket envelope.

Printing services companies use Job Ticket Holders to store the printed material or any dies or parts that are used for the printing job they are currently working on.  Example, when the printing job is ordered by the customer, the printing company employee places any artwork or examples into the job ticket holder and gives it to the person who is next in the printing process. When the printing service is completed, the job ticket holder can be reused or filed with the customer’s artwork for future reference.

Different options for Job Ticket Holders:

  • Grommets / eyelets can be added to the hang hole punch that is usually at the top of the job ticket holder.
  • The eyelet adds strength to the holder itself and helps it to last quite a bit longer.
  • Color coded tab or color body of job ticket holder.
  • A color top or body can be added to the job ticket holder to help prioritize the job the envelope is being used for.
  • Material thickness
  • Some options are 8 mil, 10 mil, 12 mil crystal clear or frosty clear vinyl.
  • The higher the mil – the thicker the material. 8 and 10 mil are very common. Some companies use 6 or 7.5 mil for their job ticket holders, but RABCO Products uses 8 mil and 10 mil as a standard to ensure the job ticket holder stands up to the repair shop’s harsh environment.
  • Open long side or open short side
  • Depending on the application for the job ticket holder, the user may want the holder to open on the Short Side or the long side of the holder. There is no advantage to either one in most cases.
  • Adhesive Backing
  • Any of our job ticket holders are available in a “Sticky Back” or “Pressure sensitive adhesive” backing.
  • This is great for sticking them onto machinery to put the manual in, or to stick to rack panels in order to display the part numbers of the items in the warehouse racks.
  • Extra pockets
  • Furniture store companies typically order a 4” x 9” job ticket holder with an extra pocket on the front. They use this to display their price tags or sale information in them and hang them from the furniture in their retail stores.
  • The job ticket holder protects the price tag that goes in the holder – this helps increase the life of the printed price tag that goes in the job ticket holder.
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