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RABCO Restaurant Menus and Document Holders


All menus in the Urbane collection are hardback and have a black bonded leather spine. All can be color foil stamped.

The Metro Iron menu cover is specially crafted with a steel-like appearance and a matte finish. Its sleek and modern design provides a unique appeal to your restaurant menus, protecting them and giving them a professional and sophisticated touch.

Metro Mesh menu covers feature a weave-style fabric for a classic linen look, perfect for a variety of restaurant and dining settings. For a timeless menu presentation, these menu covers provide an easy way to share your menu selections with your guests.

The Metro Pebble menu cover offers an elegant presentation with a unique stone-like texture and glossy finish. Durable and attractive, it is the ideal choice for a wide range of restaurant and hospitality settings.

The Metro Slate menu cover offers a subtle sheen look alongside its slightly crinkled material. This combination is designed to give your restaurant a timeless and professional look, perfect for any setting.

Sold in packs of 24.

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